Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program

    Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program

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      Injury and Illness Prevention Program For Moving Companies:

      Moving companies in the state of California need an injury and illness prevention program (IIPP) that is compliant with CAL/OSHA regulatory safety requirements and one that's easy and fast to implement. This Moving Company IIPP is exactly that. Here's what you need to know:

      1. It complies with CAL/OSHA requirements, Work Comp Insurance requirements, and 97% of other safety requirements for small business in the state of California.
      2. It's fully editable and in Microsoft Word format so you can change the content as much or as little as needed.
      3. It's an instant download from order confirmation page and from your email inbox to ensure the process is fast and easy for you.
      4. It contains the 8 required elements set forth in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8CCR) section 3203
      5. It includes the forms needed to conduct the required activities outlined in the IIPP.
      6. It includes the required "Code of Safe Work Practices" which you can leave as is or edit as needed.

      This IIPP is designed for the small mom and pop businesses as well as larger enterprises with many employees. There's much more we could say but we'll keep it simple and just tell you a few more "need to knows":

      1. It has a 30-day money back guarantee in case you're not completely satisfied.
      2. We've sold thousands of these and our return rate is less than 1%. That means almost nobody is unhappy with this IIPP template.
      3. We'll send you an email each year with instructions on how to download the latest version so you don't have to worry about updates.

      Includes These Instant Downloads:

      This Moving Company Injury and Illness Prevention Program also includes the following free courtesy downloads. They will be available instantly just like the IIPP on the order confirmation page and download links will be emailed to your email inbox instantly in case you want to download everything later from your email inbox:
      1. CAL/OSHA 300 Forms (Microsoft Excel)
      2. CAL/OSHA 300 Forms (PDF)
      3. CAL/OSHA Poster (PDF)

      These CAL/OSHA downloads are available free on the CAL/OSHA website. We're including them in this package just to save you some time and frustration. A courtesy for buying our Moving Company IIPP template.

      Got questions? Check out FAQ page and let us know if you still have questions by using our contact page!

      1. Do you offer Spanish versions Yes, they are an option on every product page.
      2. What if the product doesn't fit my need? We'll issue a full refund.
      3. Are your products Cal/OSHA approved? No, Cal/OSHA does not approve commercial products. However, they are designed to meet Cal/OSHA's requirements and feedback from customers and enforcement officers gives us confidence that our products will pass the overwhelming majority of reviews they will encounter.
      4. Can I edit these documents? Yes, we deliver our products in Microsoft Word, Excel or editable PDF formats which allows you to edit as much as need to.
      5. Are these products good for states outside of California? Some are but we do not advise relying on these products for compliance outside the state of California.