Safety Meeting Topics / Toolbox Talks Library (52 PDF Topics)
Safety Meeting Topics / Toolbox Talks Library (52 PDF Topics)
Safety Meeting Topics / Toolbox Talks Library (52 PDF Topics)

    Safety Meeting Topics / Toolbox Talks Library (52 PDF Topics)

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      Finding high-quality safety meeting topics (aka toolbox talks, tailgate meetings, etc.) is not an easy endeavor. The main problem with those free safety topics is, when you begin to read them aloud to your employee audience, you end up sounding like a fool.

      First, most of the free safety meeting topics on the web are merely copy / pasted text directly from the OSHA standards; which is often subject matter for "employers", not "employees". So the information goes right over the head of your employee audience.

      Second, free safety meeting topics usually do not contain concise, actionable information that employees can take and use while on the job. So employees are left scratching their head and wondering what they are supposed to do with the information provided during the safety meeting.

      Third, free safety topics are usually filled with bloat, pictures and other elements which aren't really useful when you're reading the topic aloud. Furthermore, free topics usually go for quantity over quality. So you end up with a whole lot of semi-useless content for your safety meeting.

      Your employees are left confounded and the safety meeting leader appears to be a fool because of these poorly written free safety topics.

      Welcome to our safety meeting topics / toolbox talks / tailgate meetings library! Our topics are guaranteed to have the following attributes:

      1. They are short, simple and concise.
      2. They don't contain a single line of bloat.
      3. They contain clear, concise, actionable information - in layman's terms.
      4. Instant download on checkout page and from your email for your convenience.

      There are a total of 52 topics, which does not seem like much. Until you realize that the most relevant topics to your company should be repeated at least twice per year. Perhaps even more often depending upon your employee turnover. It is the "redundancy" and "reiteration" of the most important 10 topics that really make the difference with your employees and safety.

      Here are the topics which are covered:

      1. Blank Safety Meeting Record
      2. Instructions
      3. Abrasive Blasting
      4. Aerial Lifts
      5. Ammonia
      6. Asbestos
      7. Assured Equipment Grounding
      8. Battery Safety
      9. Carbon Monoxide
      10. Caught In - Crushed Incidents
      11. Chemicals
      12. Cold Stress
      13. Combustible Dust
      14. Compressed Air
      15. Compressed Gas Cylinders
      16. Confined Spaces
      17. Crane Safety
      18. Driving Safety
      19. Electrical Safety
      20. Emergencies
      21. Ergonomics
      22. Falls
      23. Fatigue
      24. Fire Protection
      25. Flammable Liquids
      26. Forklifts
      27. Hand and Power Tools
      28. Hazard Communication
      29. Hazard Recognition
      30. Heat Illness
      31. Heavy Equipment
      32. Housekeeping
      33. Illumination
      34. Insects, Rodents, and Snakes
      35. Ladder Safety
      36. Lockout Tagout
      37. Machine Guarding
      38. Manual Lifting
      39. Mobile Devices
      40. Multi-Employer Worksites
      41. Noise Exposure
      42. Personal Protective Equipment
      43. Respiratory Protection
      44. Sanitation
      45. Scaffolds
      46. Silica
      47. Struck By Incidents
      48. Substance Abuse
      49. Trenching and Excavation
      50. Vehicle Inspections
      51. Vibration Exposure
      52. Walking and Working Surfaces
      53. Welding, Cutting, and Brazing
      54. Working Alone

      Download our safety meeting topics instantly and never search for another topic again! Oh, and be sure to select English and Spanish versions in the options above.

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      2. What if the product doesn't fit my need? We'll issue a full refund.
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      4. Can I edit these documents? Yes, we deliver our products in Microsoft Word, Excel or editable PDF formats which allows you to edit as much as need to.
      5. Are these products good for states outside of California? Some are but we do not advise relying on these products for compliance outside the state of California.